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Publishing is an art, an activity of making information available to the people all across the world. Publishing became possible with the invention of writing, and printing. It was in the1600s that the first printed newspapers and magazines started in the world.

Publishing was a boon to the modern world. It became a window to a greater world that is beyond many. However, as many of us realised that much of the stories, histories and books taught to us did not reflect the entire truth of the world. Many a time, while wandering about in New York's Metropolitan Museum bookshops and many other beautiful bookshops, many of us were struck by one question always, "Where are our books that tell the history and cultures and lives of our people?" These books were simply not there. It is not just in New York bookshops, even in bookshops in our national capitals, our stories were missing. We need to ask questions ~ Are the stories of the colonizers more valid than the stories of the colonized? Who is writing down stories passed on through oral tradition and preserving them for future generations? Are we encouraged to find and share our individual and collective voices? Does our history require interpretation, and do our customs need validation? Is writing and publishing just within the purview of a few, or should it be accessible to all without regard to education or social status. Read more >>

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